Reading Between The Lines – latest research project at Uni of Roehampton.

Woul you like to help?

Participants are needed for this project at the University of Roehampton.
As subtitles have become more common, they have also become more diverse—and more creative. The University of Roehampton is investigating how the form and appearance of subtitles affect viewing behaviour and will be using eye tracking software to see how participants eyes respond to the subtitles that are presented. They hope that by doing this they can learn how to create a viewing experience with subtitles that is as close as possible to the viewing experience of those who watch the film without subtitles.

They are looking for participants who are 18 years old and over and are able to go to Whitelands College at the University of Roehampton (Holybourne Avenue,London, SW15 4JD) to complete an eye tracking session during March 2019. Please email Kate at for further details