National Association of Deafened People
National Association of Deafened People


NADP’s Vision, Role and Objectives


NADP's vision is a society in which deafened people encounter no barriers to full participation and communication.


NADP's role is to identify and promote improvements in the quality of life of deafened people leading to their full participation in all aspects of society.


This vision and role will be pursued by focusing on the following objectives:


  1. . NADP will support all deafened people through the provision of information and advice.


  1. . NADP will support and encourage developments that will improve the opportunities for deafened people to participate in society on equal terms.


  1. . NADP will campaign to raise awareness amongst the public and amongst policy makers of the particular needs of deafened people, and how they can be met and overcome, in all walks of life.


  1. . NADP will where practicable develop a local presence to support members locally and to ensure that councils and other locally managed service providers are aware of the needs of deafened people.


  1. . NADP will campaign to ensure that appropriate communication support is always available to deafened people.


  1. . NADP will work in partnership with all appropriate bodies and organisations, including charities, to ensure that the particular needs of deafened people are considered.


Registered Charity 294922

Member of the World Hearing Forum

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