An Access to Work grant can pay for practical support if you have a disability, health or mental health condition to help you start working. This is the document that the Access to Work Providers use to assess adjustments that can be provided:

This is the link to the website with more information on how to get support in work if you have a disability or health condition:


The DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) frequently changes the regulations for PIP and therefore we attach links to the latest updated information.

NADP advises that when you are called to an assessment appointment that you make sure that communication support is requested. If support does not arrive or it is the wrong sort of support the claimant should refuse to take part in the assessment and request new appointment.

DWP Information

These links are to the Government Department of Work and Pensions PIP Information. (This information is often updated but the link will always point to latest version of these documents.)

How to claim PIP

DWP GovUk PIP Information 

Quick Information Guide about PIP

PIP Quick Guide 

Guide for the DWP Assessors

PIP Assessment Guide – The Assessment Guide is extremely long and detailed but Section 3 The Assessment Criteria describes how they should award the points so it is worth reading that section.

PIP presentation from Conference in 2013

The transcript of the PIP introduction and question session from the 2013 Conference and AGM


Other websites with PIP guides

Benefits and Work

This is a simple, understandable website which has an online PIP form which calculates the points that you would be awarded for each activity criteria.