NADP launches ‘Clear Masks for Health and Social Care’ Campaign


In March this year NADP issued a COVID briefing to policy makers indicating the need for clear masks in the health sector.
Many deafened people rely on lip reading as a way a communicating and engaging with the world around them. Lip reading enables a deafened person to understand the whole message from the speaker and facial expressions are also especially important in conveying emotions. Deafened people are  left with absolutely no possibility to understand what is being said to them unless the information is conveyed in text as a substitute to lipreading.

Having a hearing loss often affects confidence levels and brings a whole host of additional mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Clear masks are essential

We are campaigning for clear masks to be used long term, beyond the COVID 19 crisis in all health and social care settings. Our argument is that clear masks are essential for deaf and hard of hearing people supporting both mental health, confidence levels and feeling included within society. Without clear masks availability deaf people are left completely isolated and as a result has a severe impact on their mental health.

Our President, Lilian Greenwood MP is working hard in the Parliament on those issues,ensuring deafened, deaf and hard of hearing people are not unfairly disadvantaged by current pandemic. We now need your help!

As part of our clear surgical masks campaign for health and social care professionals, we are collecting members stories during COVID 19. You can share your experience by filling our survey