BBC submits plans to reinvent BBC iPlayer to Ofcom

Thank you again for your submission to the BBC’s consultation on proposals to improve BBC iPlayer for audiences. We have today submitted proposals to Ofcom for consideration after the BBC carried out a full Public Interest Test which concluded that: 

  • The proposed changes will create great public value and will not have an adverse impact on fair and effective competition.
  • The changes simply bring BBC iPlayer into line with the industry standard.
  • To impose limits on BBC iPlayer – as there are today – risks undermining the BBC’s ability to continue to innovate and evolve its service in line with changing market norms and audience expectations.

Following submission of the BBC’s proposals, Ofcom will complete a BBC Competition Assessment before making a decision on whether these changes can go ahead.

The BBC’s submission, supporting evidence and consultation feedback are available here and the press release is here.

Thank you again for the time and consideration taken in responding to this consultation.