Response to Ofcom’s consultation on quality of TV and on demand access services

Ofcom code
NADP has responded to the Ofcom consultation on “Ensuring the quality of TV and on-demand access services”. Ofcom’s TV access services code sets out how broadcasters should meet their legal obligations to provide access services (subtitling, AD and signing) on a proportion of their programming. Ofcom proposed changes to the TV access services code, clarifying that access services must be sufficiently high-quality to count towards the enforceable targets. Ofcom also proposed including new advice on serving people with cognitive and neurodevelopmental disabilities and alternative means of making programmes accessible (e.g. improving dialogue audibility).
Our response emphasises that the standards in the UK for subtitling continue to be maintained and improved. We agree with the proposal to clarify and strengthen the Code guidance, including timely on-air information where there is a failure to access services.