National Association of Deafened People
National Association of Deafened People


NADP Fingerspelling

Learn to fingerspell.


Learn (UK) finger spelling from easy first steps to testing yourself with various quizzes. A free self help tool intended to complement any formal training or qualifications. Available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Tap Tap

Detect sounds around you.


One of the problems related to hearing loss is the inability to hear audible alerts or warnings. Tap Tap allows those with hearing loss to react to sounds. When it detects noise, the app will vibrate and flash to alert the user. If the door knocks, or someone is speaking or shouting, the user will know. If the smoke alarm goes off, Tap Tap will vibrate and flash. The sensitivity can be adjusted and the app can run in the background if desired, though this may use more battery power. This is a must-have app for anyone with significant hearing loss.

Dragon Dictation

Transcribe speech.

Simple conversations can be challenging for those whose hearing is deteriorating. It is here that Dragon Dictation can be very helpful. As a person is speaking, Dragon will transcribe the words for the person who is hard of hearing to read. Though it is not perfect, it will usually give enough information to improve understanding of the conversation. This is a great free tool and works best in environments that are not overly noisy.

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