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Reporting Issues With Subtitles 

NADP members are reporting increasing issues with the quality of subtitles on TV particularly those for live television programs. Please can we ask all members and non members to keep an eye on subtitles over the Christmas period and report back to us on any problems you face. We can then use this information to reinforce our requests for improvements.


To ease this reporting we have put together some common issues along with a format for reporting to capture key information and minimise your thinking time. Ideally if you can record an offending program please do. For help email

The Information we need

We need as much of the information below as possible, preferably in the format suggested.


{Channel} {Date} {time of issue} {1st part of your postcode} {name of program} {platform}{issue - see list below}


Item Possible Entries  Comment
{channel} e.g. BBC1
Basic identifier of channel
{time of issue}  xx:xx am/pm when the event occurred. This is important to avoid the need to include the name of the program
{1st part of postcode} AAxx this will help identify if it is a regional or transmitter issue


Free view 

How you are viewing the program
{issue}  See list During the trial these have been purposely limited to address specific technical issues only so that they can be dealt with accordingly. 
If you wish to raise an issue outside this list please be brief and try to maintain a similar format to those proposed

List of potential issues

Please use the wording under the "issue". If the issue is not included in this list please keep the description brief and in a similar format to those proposed.

Issue  Description
NO SUBTITLES There are no subtitles being shown on the screen
FROZEN SUBTITLES Subtitles are shown but they have frozen for 10 seconds or more
EXCESSIVE DELAY Subtitles are appearing at least 10 seconds after being spoken
SUBTITLES DISAPPEARING TOO QUICKLY Subtitles are being shown but are not being displayed for at least 10 seconds
SUBTITLES OVER EDITED Subtitles are not reflecting exactly what is being said which is impacting on comprehension
INTERMITTENT SUBTITLES  Subtitles appear to stop and start excessively or sipped up and slow down over a prolonged period
SUBTITLE POSITIONING Subtitles are consistently obscuring faces or factual information on the screen e.g. Traffic report, football scores.





Please email any issues to


Or you can compile a list of issues and send to 

Dalton House
60 Windsor Avenue
SW19 2RR


Or post on our Facebook page


Or Tweet us @SubtitlesNADP


Please feel free to share this information with non members, print out the instructions where necessary and encourage them to get involved.


Thank you

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