National Association of Deafened People
National Association of Deafened People


DVD and video subtitling

We are applying pressure to media companies who distribute DVDs & videos to encourage them to ensure that the material is subtitled as widely as possible – including the “ extras” tracks on DVDs – and to ensure that the packaging gives an accurate and easily readable description of the subtitling. We are also applying pressure to the many national newspapers who now distribute “free” DVDs, encouraging them to ensure that these provide subtitling.


TV subtitling

We continue to work with Ofcom to ensure that as much television as possible is made accessible to hearing impaired people, and challenge broadcasters when they fail to deliver on their subtitling commitments. We are also writing to hotels to remind them of the importance of making subtitles available on room TVs. This is particularly relevant at this time of changeover to digital transmission since many hotels will deliver only a limited service to rooms.


Access to Communications in English
The Association was a major player within the ACE Coalition, which has been working under UKCoD auspices to raise public awareness of the fact that a great majority of deaf/deafened people communicate in English rather than BSL, and that employers etc need to provide proper English based communications support. A key thread of the ACE campaign was working to increase the number of Language Service Professionals available to do this work, especially Speech to Text Reporters.



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