National Association of Deafened People
National Association of Deafened People

What we do

A key objective of the Association is to campaign on issues of relevance to the membership. In many cases there is no substitute for sheer numbers of people getting involved, so if you feel that you could help with any of these campaigns please get in touch. 


The Association ensures that the voice of deafened people is heard and recognised not only by the public, but by other groups of deaf people. Modern developments have transformed the outlook for deafened people and  NADP ensures that members are aware of the solutions that are available. Improved hearing aids, cochlear implants, textphones and subtitles all provide means of access for deafened people. No longer is the telephone beyond reach, the television incomprehensible or, above all people’s conversation unintelligible, and even for those who may not be able to benefit from implants, information and advice are at hand.


Getting help

The NADP aims to help deafened people to get on with their lives in a positive way. When a person first becomes deafened, he or she will face a series of questions such as:

  • How can I make adjustments so that I can get back to living my life as I had been living it prior to becoming deafened – or as near to it as I can get?
  • Where will I go for help?
  • What sort of person will I become?
  • What will my life be like?

The NADP exists to provide help and support to assist deafened people in finding their way back to some sort of normality of life. 

Registered Charity 294922

Member of the World Hearing Forum

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