Early Day Motion 1549 – World Hearing Day 2021

UK Parliament Early Day Motions

NADP encourages its members, supporters and all people living with a hearing loss to contact their MP to ask them to support the Early Day Motion 1549 promoted by Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Disability. The EDM “commemorates World Hearing Day 2021” and “ to ensure people with hearing loss have prompt and equal access to life-long learning, employment and health services”

Full details of the EDM can be found below along with the link to the website which shows which MPs have currently signed up to this motion.

Details of your MP can be found here

Please contact them highlighting that you or someone close to you has a hearing loss and that you would like them as your MP to support the EDM to ensure that the needs of deafened people and those with a hearing loss are recognised and provided for as set out in the EDM.

You should include your name and address in your correspondence so that they can confirm that you are live in their constituency.

Thank you for your support.

Please share this message.

Motion text

That this House commemorates World Hearing Day on 3 March 2021 by supporting the National Association of Deafened People (NADP) and the Hearing Loss and Deafness Alliance to ensure people with hearing loss have prompt and equal access to life-long learning, employment and health services as echoed by the upcoming WHO World Report on Hearing with annual aims of improve screening, person–centred hearing care, rehabilitation and improved access to communication; commits to aiding accessibility for people with hearing loss in constituencies as well as broader society; recognises the escalated frustration and alienation many people with hearing loss face due to increased difficulty of lipreading caused by commonplace mask-wearing; and acknowledges improvements including transparent face mask use which can be implemented in a cost-effective way relieving some of the estimated £25 billion loss to the economy each year due to lost productivity as a result of hearing loss.’

Further details of the EDM can be found here

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