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Latest COVID 19 updates and resources

This page is regularly updated on COVID-19 related information.

‘Clear Masks for Health and Social Care’ Campaign 

In March, this year the NADP issued a COVID 19 briefing to policymakers indicating the need for clear masks in the health sector, and so we welcome the recent campaign activity. Many deafened people rely on lip-reading as a way of communicating and engaging with the world around them.

Clear masks are essential to support effective communication and lessen anxiety levels that many deafened people experience. Without the availability of clear masks, deaf people are left completely isolated and disenfranchised.

The benefit and value of clear masks will go beyond the deafened community and will improve effective communication for all within our healthcare settings, during and importantly after COVID 19.

Our President, Lilian Greenwood MP is working hard in the Parliament on issues related to ensuring deafened, deaf and hard of hearing people are not unfairly disadvantaged by current pandemic. We now need your help!

As part of our clear surgical masks campaign for health and social care professionals, we are collecting members stories during COVID 19. You can share your experience by filling our survey




Our experiences of staying in hospital can be challenging due to hearing loss and there is no doubt going to hospital will be very different during the pandemic. This is especially the case for those arriving with COVID-19 symptoms and we have set out what you should expect to help you prepare for the event. 

Feel free to share and print those resources. Read more in an article below.

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European Cochlear Users Association has produced practical handouts to be taken to a hospital with basic instructions on using different processors. If you are a CI user, please visit their website



In March 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of a novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, to be a pandemic, due to the speed and scale of transmission. WHO and public health authorities around the world are taking action to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. Certain populations, such as those with disability, may be impacted more significantly by COVID-19. This impact can be mitigated if simple actions and protective measures are taken by key stakeholders.


Coronavirus pandemic and deafened and hard of hearing people

The current coronavirus (COVID- 19) outbreak is an unprecedented situation and a major concern for healthcare authorities and citizens alike. Responses to this outbreak must be inclusive of all members of the public, persons with disabilities and include people who are deaf or hard of hearing. As the UK is preparing to deal with this unprecedented emergency, we must not forget persons with disabilities and vulnerable citizens in their need to access information, which is a fundamental right of every citizen. We must take steps now, to ensure deaf and hard of hearing people’s access needs are met in the government’s response to this threat. 

Coronavirus pandemic and deafened and ha[...]
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