National Association of Deafened People
National Association of Deafened People

Our Trustees

Lidia Best
Born hearing, became deafened in 2008 and a year later received CI.
Her main area of interest is accessibility.
Lidia’s contributions were recognized and today she holds additional positions in UKCoD and Vice President of EFHOH.
Lidia is passionate about spreading knowledge of current affairs affecting deafened people; attending and speaking at many conferences.
Ruth Myers MBE
Vice- Chair
I’ve been a member of NADP since it was founded . When I was five years old I had mumps which had an adverse effect on my hearing. I am now profoundly deaf with tinnitus which drives me nuts and means lipreading is essential! I’ve had many different jobs and was fortunate that my last employer allowed me eight half days a year which made it possible for me to carry out voluntary work for deaf people and in particular for broadcasting and telecommunications.
David Wise
Hon Treasurer
David is hard of hearing since birth, is a Chartered Certified Accountant and has been Hon Treasurer of STAGETEXT for ten years.
Clare Hedley
Honorary Secretary
Clare was born hearing and started losing her hearing as a teenager.
She became a trustee to help deaf and deafened people get the information and support they need to live in the hearing world.
Susan Bramley
Membership Secretary

I was a PA at director level until my hearing became a problem attending and taking minutes of meetings. I then worked as a legal secretary for many years until, again, my hearing loss created a problem with audio typing and telephone work.
I started to attend lipreading classes in 2012 and my tutor encouraged me to become a lipreading teacher. I qualified in 2014 and have started teaching in Southampton on a small scale. .

Simon Pearse
Simon's hearing loss was first identified when he was 5. He made it through school and Uni without a hearing aid but accepted his fate in his mid 20s. He has been an avid user since. Simon was co-opted to TAG for broadcasting and became webmaster also responsible for social media. He joined the Exec of DAC (UKCoD) in mid 2014 and currently represents DAC in the NGTR steering board. Simon also represents Hearing Link TWG in the DTG Accessibility Group and OFCOMs CFC. Simon is a qualified Actuary.

Registered Charity 294922

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