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Welcome to the National Association of Deafened People!

NADP supports all those who experience gradual or sudden hearing loss. Whether your loss is profound or mild, you will have some communication difficulties in your day to day life. NADP exists to ease your life after your hearing deteriorates.  


NADP is run by and for deafened people. Have a look through our website to learn more about us and our projects. If you're interested in our work and would like to support us, read about us and the projects we've contributed to in the past. If you'd like to contribute to our organisation, please don't hesitate to contact us, new members are always welcome.


Get involved!

Find out how by contacting us at our registererd address:


NADP Charity No. 204022 

Dalton House

60 Windsor Avenue


SW19 2RR

Tel: +44 845 0559663

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More volunteers

The recent recruitment campaign has boosted our numbers, but we are always looking to welcome more volunteers.

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